Amityville is a upcoming indie horror game created by Gjlewis.


  • Amityville
  • Amityville II: Deadly Sins
  • Amityville III: The Beast
  • Amityville: Evil Returns
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
  • Amityville: Church of Demons
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
    • Part 3


  • Amityville: Stalking
  • Amityville: Hidden
  • Amityville: Exorcist


After the Lutz family fled the house in terror twenty-eight days later, the fearless young priest Father Leonard visit this house to cast all the evils out.


This idea was started at the early June 2014. It is based on the true story Amityville Horror. It is originally going to be called "Amityville Horror The Video Game" but change it to "Amityville". However few years later, it was eventually cancelled for the favor of making a Five Nights at Freddy's parody game.


* = Bosses

Jodie *Edit

One of the bosses in the II version. It can be only encountered in Missy's room.


Fiends are one of the most common enemies from the series. They're demonic creatures from hell cattacks the player with their claws.


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